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Have you ever wondered how to find out what is new or been added to website?  Stop here first for news items and updates.  All changes to the website will be posted on this page so you know where to look for new information.  If you would like to submit information for all homeowners, email the information to  Be sure to include your name, address and phone number for confirmation of the information.

Due to increases in our operating expenses over the past years, we have had to raise the rate for your Clubhouse/ Pool rentals.
RESIDENT -- Clubhouse was $125.00 for first rental $300.00 second and all rentals after. This will now be $150.00 first rental and $300.00 second and all rentals after.  
NON RESIDENT--  Clubhouse rentals increased  from $450.00 to $475.00 
NON RESIDENT -- Pool Rentals,  Pool Open to public $300.00/Closed to public $400.00. up to 100 people. 
Pool rental Hours start when pool opens depending on time of year. All parties must end and be out by 6pm
RESIDENT --  Parties 1- 35 are free from when the pool opens depending on time of  year. All parties must end and be out by 6pm.
RESIDENT -- Pool Rentals  35 - 100  people will be increased to  $100.00 Open to public and $300.00 Closed to public. Pool opens depending on the time of  year.  All parties must end and be out by 6pm.
We ask that all parties end by 6pm so our neighbors have swim time in a less crowed pool. Please remember when having a party 1-35 or over 35 please call our rental agent ,Kim @ 407-443-7548 to prevent you from having a party the day the pool might be rented
Thank you
SHOA Board


Mail Slot in Clubhouse Door

· There is a mail slot in the clubhouse front door for your convenience.

· Please use it to drop off your ballots, general proxy or any other mail that you do not wish to put through the US Post Office. 

· The mail slot is NOT for paying your dues.  Dues are to be mailed to:

All About Management
PO Box 1569
Sanford, Florida 32772


Hand deliver to

All About Management
206 South Elm Avenue
Sanford, Florida 32771