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Welcome to Sanora Homeowners Association

To Sanora Homeowners

      The Sanora Homeowners Association was incorporated March 29, 1973 by J. Brailey Odham, Louise T. Odham and Marie Cross, according to the original Articles of Incorporation.
      The purposes of this corporation are to cause or bring about voluntary and cooperative and collective action of the property owners of Sanora Subdivision in Sanford, Florida, and any additions thereto. By th cooperative and collective action of the said property owners, each will be mutually benefited in that the Association will endeavor to maintain park areas and common areas and other public areas within the subdivision and its additions, including the entrance-way, parks and clubhouse, park lighting and other recreational facilities, areas between Sanford Avenue and the wall running parallel thereto and adjacent to the subdivision; arbitrate differences between homeowners relating to common or party walls; enforce restrictions within the subdivision; and do all things necessary for the orderly improvement and maintenance of the subdivision and any additions thereto.  All things to be accomplished hereunder are the safety, welfare and benefit of the property owners within the subdivision and its additions, which said benefits are best obtained through collective action rather thanon an individual basis.  Articles of Incorporation, Article III—Purpose

To our Website Visitors

      If you are interested in booking our clubhouse for a special event such as a business meeting, day time work retreat, wedding, holiday, birthday, anniversary or pool party, email us at Sanorahoa@yahoo.com or go to our Clubhouse Rental Information page.
      Associate Memberships are available for use of the pool and tennis courts.


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